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Top Best iPhone 6 External Battery Cases and Juice Packs

If you wish to improve your apple iphone 6 battery existence then exterior battery situation or extended juice pack is essential for you personally. Purchasing one can considerably improve how long the different options are with this phone on one charge. With respect to the energy bank capacity you should use your phone for two to seven days after one full charge whereas your Apple phone won't last greater than a day's normal usage. Furthermore, if you purchase battery power cover, it'll provide extra protection for your precious apple iphone 6 from scratches and accidental falls.

Below you'll find the best apple iphone 6 battery cases and juice packs. First of all, we will cover battery cases.

Trianium Atomic S apple iphone 6 Battery Situation

The product ticks all boxes of the excellent apple iphone 6 battery situation. It's a fine combination of energy, sturdiness, protection and ease. Its 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery provides 100% extra juice for your Apple phone that means which you can use it for added 14 hrs talk-time or even more than 10 hrs web surfing time.

Situation is solid and durable with great smooth texture. We can not say that it's unbelievably thin only one factor is without a doubt it does not add much bulk or weight for your phone.

Its sync-through technology allow you to sync your apple iphone without getting rid of battery situation. MicroUSB cable is incorporated within the package that is great because applying this you'll have the ability to concurrently charge battery situation and also the phone together. Additionally, it features Brought battery level indicator so you will know just how much juice remains inside your Apple device. All buttons and ports are often accessible from outdoors.

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Alpatronix BX140 apple iphone 6 Battery Situation

If Trianium Atomic S does not get the attention then Alpatrnoix BX140 is yet another excellent option. Like our previous pick, additionally, it provides 3100mAh extra juice for your smartphone. This quantity of energy is actually handy for travelling, car journeys, camping and busy business outings. It arrives with energy Brought indicator which inform you the amount of energy of battery. It utilizes a MicroUSB input port to allow energy and knowledge transfer. This means that both apple iphone and battery situation could be billed simultaneously. MicroUSB cable is incorporated to do this task.

Situation was created in this manner that the phone remains compact, slim and light-weight. It's elevated edges around the front side to safeguard glass panel. The product will come in 10 different colors that is great since you generally aren't seeing a lot of color options within this category.

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ZuZo apple iphone 6 Battery Situation

This apple iphone 6 battery situation beats our previous picks with 3200mAh capacity. ZuZo up-to-date the product lately because older version had some weak points. This time around, the organization has develop almost perfect product. It's 4 Brought light indications where each light signifies 25% energy.

The situation is very light, durable and slim. This is actually the certainly one of individuals rare covers on the market that provides lightning input and output meaning you simply need lightning cable to charge both apple iphone and battery situation. All ports and make contact with functions could be utilized easily. Right now, it will come in black and whitened color.

iBoost6 apple iphone 6 Battery Situation

iBoost 6 from ChargeUp includes 3200mAh capacity. It is simple to have more than one day extra charge from this. The gorgeous slim style of its hardshell situation is tough to explain in words. It's nicely designed and adds only minute thickness for your apple iphone 6.

This and Zuzo battery situation would be the only ones we know of designed to use lightning cable to charge both phone and situation.Like our other picks, that one aslo has 4 Brought indications. There's additionally a stylish kickstand around the back that can be used to look at movies or make video calls. It will come in Whitened, Black and Gold Color.

Maxboost Electron Plus apple iphone 6 Juice Pack

Maxboost is among the best if this involves energy items. The following generation portable juice pack carries 15,000mAh battery that is humongous quantity of energy. Go along with you when you're travelling and you'll have the ability to charge your smartphone 6 or 7 occasions with no energy outlet. This really is huge since you will have the ability to spend almost 7 days with no energy socket.

It offers a superior choice to use two ports to charge two products simultaneously. We advise you to employ 1.0a port to charge your apple iphone 6 or any other phones and a pair of.1c port to charge iPad or any other pills because 2.1a port charges you your device faster as in comparison to at least one.0a. Maxboost Electron Plus is among individuals rare juice packs which electronically shows energy level within 1%. Its design is portable and classy. You wouldn't regret purchasing it.

UNU apple iphone 6 Juice Pack

UNU Superpak packs 10,000mAh capacity in super-compact design which you'll easily hold in a single hands. You'll be surprised that how stylish its design is and just how much work the organization has place in it to really make it so lightweight. It may charge your apple iphone 6 as much as 350%. Superpak only takes five to six hrs to charge itself.

This juice pack includes wise cable featuring 2-in-1 micro USB cable and MFI licensed lightning adapter cable. This is actually a blessing since it helps you save to consider additional cord along with you throughout traveling. Like our previous pick, additionally, it has 1.0a and a pair of.1c port. Superpak includes uSmart technology which instantly changes ports energy levels to maximise charging speed of the different products.


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