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HTC One X Plus Phone Review, still as good as it once was

Launched in November 2012 the HTC One X Plus would be a mid cycle incremental update towards the HTC One X that was launched earlier that year. HTC was struggling with dissapointing sales in comparison towards the Samsung Universe S3 and therefore launched the main one X Plus with upgraded specifications to focus on the Christmas market.

Looks & Quality

The HTC One X Plus is similar fit towards the normal One X, there's just one colour available which is a pleasant rubberized matte black. This provides the telephone a distinctive look together with a very grippy believe that helps make the phone less inclined to be dropped.

The telephone doesn't have detachable back, it has some practical disadvantages in style it's a definite plus because it enables a significantly softer design. The rear of the telephone systems completely around towards the front where it edges around the large glass front which includes the capacitive buttons and screen. This single construction does mean quality is first class, the only real vulnerable part may be the screen because it is with all of modern phones.

The telephone most certainly doesn't look or feel dated in comparison to the more recent rivals.


During the time of release the HTC One X Plus's screen was seen among it's greatest assets, however since that time 1080p is just about the new standard on top end phones, departing 720p behind.

Thus the HTC is slightly missing around the latest generation, though the screen being slightly more compact (4.7 inch in comparison to five inch) the image continues to be crisp. The brightness from the screen similar to the most recent generation being visible in most however the sunniest of situations.

Speed & Performance

This is actually the area that you would expect the main one X Plus to exhibit wear and tear, it had been among the first decades of quad core processors, now we're two decades later.

The telephone works rapidly in most everyday tasks and has the capacity to play just about all high graphics games (because of the nvidia graphics card within the phone.). What's noticeable in comparison to my Nexus 7 Tablet (Which is not even through the roof spec any longer) would be that the One X Plus does sometimes stutter and decelerate if you're really pushing it, modern phones can deal with everything having to break sweat, the HTC cannot.

The telephone is running Jellybean 4.2 as opposed to the latest Kitkat 4.4. What this means is the telephone doesn't take advantage of the latest software optimizations that kitkat brings. HTC's record on upgrading this phone is quite disappointing using the last update being only 9 several weeks following the phones release. This will not cause any problems within the immediate future when it comes to compatibility, we do not understand what the near future brings however as being a generation of software older can't be a positive thing.

Battery around the HTC One X Plus is 2100mAh, this is sufficient to easy serve you for a day and also the battery saving mode is extremely useful in conserving battery although not hampering performance. Battery is non detachable and therefore non exchangeable, although no problem immediately this means that because the battery age range and will get worse you won't have the ability to swap it.


The HTC One X uses a feeling 5 overlay to android. These latest versions of sense are frequently recognized in comparison towards the older versions as well as in comparison to Samsungs Touchwiz. HTC's approach appears to go with fundamental android which could frequently feel bare and adds helpful features although not seeming cluttered like touchwiz can.

The HTC camera interface is extremely nice enables for quick and easy changes for your configurations. Sense offers some unique icons. My favourites of fundamental essentials clock icons, these looks superbly sleek with a few supplying detailed pictures of the present weather.


The rear camera is 8 megapixel and also the front camera is 1.6mp, so a bit removed from the 13 mega pixels the thing is around the latest phones. This difference is not that noticeable because when you are to those type of resolutions using the small sensors on phone camera there's little improvement in actual quality. Yet it's indisputable that within the 18 several weeks since phones technologies have advanced and therefore the images on modern phones be more effective overall.

Should you only use the digital camera for general picture taking this is not an issue, however if you're seriously interested in your photography then this isn't the telephone for you personally.


If you prefer a top end phone then would I move the HTC One X Plus? No I would not, although it's still a great phone it is not really top end anymore.

If you prefer a good phone inexpensively then you should think about the Motorola Talkabout G. It's specs is slightly lower with simply a 5mp camera along with a 1.2Ghz quad core processor, nevertheless it comes with Kitkat. This is often introduced new for 150 ($199).

Thus the HTC One X Plus now only fits a very small niche, its for individuals who would like a comparatively top end phone and are ready to pay 200/$250 but don't wish to pay more for any modern top end phone, or aren't ready to be satisfied with a mid-range phone. Personally would I advice it for somebody for the reason that situation? yes, it may do 95% of what new Samsung Universe or HTC It's possible to do however at 200 cheaper.


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